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Just A Babble

Just one of my favorites from Incubus' Light Grenades...

I may be babbling, but here it goes...

well it was always devastating
pasts just mess it all up for me

I've been keeping myself positive, thanks to a friend
guess people just fail sometimes
can't help it...
it hurts big time!

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Dane Cook Shouts out to Vanessa Hudgens


This Teen Choice Awards 2009 clip was cut in TV broadcasts. Dane Cook shouts to Vanessa Hudgens to get her clothes on and said that phones are for phone He was referring to the recent nude pictures of Vanessa Hudgens that leaked in the internet. This is already the second time that her nude photos spread all over the cyberspace.

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Triple Birthday Fun

Darn, this post is a bit delayed...Facebook's to blame!

Anyway, I just turned a year older -- 24... My HS pals were also born in the month of July so we decided to celebrate it together. It was totally fun, fun, fun!

Here are some random pics ^ ^

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