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About Me

Howdy! I'm keSSen and you may call me Mari as well. This is my personal but not too personal blog. I'm an internet savvy person and this blog is one of my online hubs. I am a graduate of BSBA (Marketing) in the University of the Philippines in the Visayas - Iloilo. I currently work as a Linkbuilder at Eversun Software Phils. Corp. If you have got no idea of what a linkbuilder is, please don't ask me. It is really hard to explain. heheh

Please be warned that this blog may sometimes be flooded of consecutive posts about the Pinoy local band, Bamboo. I just can't help it. Heheheh I'm a self-c0nfessed fan of theirs.

I am a carefree person and likes to go to places but just don't have the

I also maintain another blog, Noy-pi, wherein I write anything about the Philippines and the noypis around the world.

Anyone may contact me at:
. . .no spamming please :)


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